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The Skateboarding Heritage Foundation, along with the Bowl Bros, Surfrider Foundation, and Florida Skate Museum kindly request your presence on Sunday, August 17 as we celebrate the life and contribution of the Bro Bowl to the city of Tampa and the culture of skateboarding as we have known it for the past 36 years.

Join with friends and family of the Bowl as we gather to share one of the final days of this iconic structure. Come celebrate four decades of Tampa skateboarding with
live entertainment and special guest appearances, including Joel Jackson, the father of the Bro Bowl, the filmmakers of the "Bro Bowl: 30 Years of Tampa Concrete" documentary, and other special guests.

Representatives of Skateboarding Heritage Foundation will be present to discuss the replication of the Bowl and details of the new skatepark as well as a future museum/gallery space in Tampa that will be dedicated to regional and international skate culture as well as the history of the Bro Bowl. Numbered, limited edition handmade prints that celebrate 35 years of the Bowl and its official listing on the
National Register of Historic Places in October 2013 will be available for one-time donations, as well other Bro Bowl memorabilia including handcrafted decks by Paul Schmitt of PS Stix, t-shirts and stickers. Don’t miss this opportunity to pay your respects to something that has touched so many of our lives…
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Photo: Tampa Bay Times

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