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Skateboarding Heritage Foundation® is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the preservation of skateboarding's history and culture, as well as creating new conversations about skateboarding through educational programs and outreach. SHF produces exhibitions, collaborates with museums and galleries, and consults on a variety of projects that include the preservation of historical sites and structures, as well as public presentations, exhibitions, books, films, and web-based media. SHF also houses an ever-growing collection of photography, film, memorabilia, artifacts, and vintage equipment, acquired through donations and special purchases.


In 2013, Shannon Bruffett, Craig B. Snyder, and Skateboarding Heritage Foundation made history after months of hard work when they succeeded in getting the historic Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was unprecedented. The Bro Bowl, also known as Perry Harvey Sr. Park Skateboard Bowl, became the first structure in the world related to skateboarding and skate culture to ever get listed on a historic register. This notable achievement opened the door for more preservation. In 2014, Rom skatepark in London, England, attained a listing on the National Register in the UK, followed by official recognition of Southbank in London as another skateboarding heritage site. In 2015, Craig B. Snyder and Skateboarding Heritage Foundation began working with authorities in Australia on the recognition of one more 1970s-era property. This was the Albany Snake Run located in Albany, Western Australia. In 2016, their efforts proved fruitful when Albany became the third property to get listed on a national register. Skateboarding Heritage Foundation has more projects under way, so stay tuned…

Official Heritage Sites

Bro Bowl (Est. 1978)
Tampa, Florida, USA
October 9, 2013

Rom (Est. 1978)
London, England, UK
September 11, 2014

Albany Snake Run (Est. 1976)
Albany, Western Australia
February 2016

Recognized Heritage Sites

Southbank (Est. Early 1970s)
London, England, UK
September 17, 2014

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Bro Bowl, Tampa, circa 1980

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Rom, London, late 1970s

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Albany under construction, Australia, 1976

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Southbank, London, mid-1970s