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On August 17, 2014, nearly 1000 people came out to join the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation, Bowl Bros, Suncoast Surfrider Foundation, and Florida Skate Museum for a celebration of the Bro Bowl in Tampa. Some traveled as far away as California to pay tribute to the historic Bowl—and to meet with Joel Jackson, the designer and builder of this landmark. Some of the visitors included skate legends such as Paul Schmitt, Bruce Walker, Sam Myhre, Chuck Dinkins, and Cleo Coney. Joel Jackson (center) received the first proof of a limited edition print made by Craig Snyder and Julia Arredondo in gratitude for his service to the community and for creating a place that has been loved by everyone, both skaters and non-skaters alike. The handmade print was produced in a limited run of 35 and is currently available through the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation museum shop. All proceeds go to support the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation. Photo: Dlr Rld

The Skateboarding Heritage Foundation™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of skateboarding's past, as well as creating new conversations about skateboarding through educational outreach. The SHF houses an ever-growing collection and collaborates with other museums and galleries. as well as historical projects that include books, films, exhibitions, awards, and web-based materials.

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