Preservation, Conservation, Education, and Archive

About SHF and Our Mission Statement

Skateboarding Heritage Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Delray Beach, Florida, and consists of a volunteer board and council of advisors. SHF is dedicated to the preservation of skateboarding’s heritage for the enjoyment and education of current and future generations. Through presentation, learning, and promotion, it is also our goal that skateboarding and its culture be more accurately represented, understood, and appreciated.

We embrace the full range of skateboarding’s history and development and seek to preserve it, including but not limited to significant skateboards, photography, and other objects of historic or cultural value.

From legacy skateparks and other landmarks, to boards and equipment, as well as documentation and artifacts that include printed matter, photography, film, video, and art, or any other objects of cultural value, we work with individuals, groups, agencies, and companies to help protect and conserve these valuable historical artifacts for future generations.

Through its Accreditation Program, the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation serves as an officiating body for books, films, exhibitions, and other projects centered around skateboarding history. To earn the SHF mark, these projects must demonstrate historical integrity, accuracy, and balance. SHF also operates a Skateboarding Hall of Fame, a commemoration program, and various grant programs.

Through inspiring exhibitions and outreach programs that attract and engage adults, children, and families, we are dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation of skateboarding as a sport, culture, and lifestyle. Services we provide include design, production, and collaboration, in addition to research assistance and loans from our collection and library.

Through advocacy, fundraising, and promotion, we cultivate and maintain a community of engaged, committed, and cherished supporters who value the Skateboarding Heritage Foundation as an indispensable asset.

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