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The First Issue of Brasil Skate: May/June 1978

Brasil Skate was historically the first skate mag in Brazil and South America. Cesinha Chaves was the editor and the magazine lasted for only three issues until it went broke along with its sister publication, Brasil Surf.

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PSA: Save the Bro Bowl

The Bro Bowl in Tampa, Florida, is one of the last remaining skateparks of the 1970s era.

Built in 1978, as a featured element of Perry Harvey Sr. Park, a new public city park, the Perry Harvey Sr. Park Skateboard Bowl (a.k.a. Bro Bowl) was designed by city employee Joel Jackson. The park was conceived of earlier in 1975, after Jackson witnessed a skateboard contest in a parking lot and noted a rising interest in skateboarding. At that time, no skateboard parks existed in the United States, not until Skateboard City in Port Orange, Florida, opened in February 1976. When Jackson's skatepark opened three years later, his concept remained distinct; a "skateboard rink" for inner city youth that was free to use, 24/7, with no fences and no supervision. It not only became Florida's first public skatepark, but one of the very first to be built in the nation. What made Jackson's surf-style skateboard park also unique, was that it was suited for all levels of skaters and still serves the Tampa community today. The Bro Bowl has been in magazines, ads, and on television, and featured in Tony Hawk's Underground video game in 2004.

On October 7, 2013, Perry Harvey Sr. Park Skateboard Bowl, aka the Bro Bowl, made history again after it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
It is the first time in the history of the National Register that a property related to skate culture and history has ever been listed. Now this significant, cultural landmark is in danger again.


The Bro Bowl has witnessed nearly four decades of the ever-changing landscape known as Downtown Tampa. It has seen many a conflict, as well as united people of all ages, race, gender, background, and socio-economic status. As this historic structure prepares to meet the challenges it faces that will ultimately determine its future, we offer an insight as to what it has meant to our City and generations both past and present. What are your experiences? How has this piece of green concrete shaped your life, and how will it shape others? Reflect on this, and let your voice be heard:

Sign the petition:

Contact Mayor Buckhorn: or contact Dennis Fernandez, Architectural Review & Historic Preservation Manager, at (813) 274-3100, option 3 or to encourage the City of Tampa to preserve this unique element of Tampa and skateboarding history.

It is now, or never.

Parties who believe the Bro Bowl should be preserved include:

Skateboarding Heritage Foundation

Surfrider Foundation

Florida Skate Museum

Tampa Preservation, Inc.

Tony Hawk Foundation

Bob Burnquist of X Games fame has recently stated on radio he supports the preservation of this historic skatepark: