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Vintage Magazine Archive

Selected periodicals from skate and surf culture. Listed by order of appearance.


The Quarterly Skateboarder, (USA) 1964-1965

Wave Rider, (USA) 1975-1982
Skate Rider, (USA) 1976-1980
Skateboard, (USA) 1975-1976
SkateBoarder, (USA) 1975-1980
Wild World of Skateboarding, (USA) 1976-1979
National Skateboard Review, (USA) 1976-1979
Skateboard World, (USA) 1977-1979
Skates East, (USA) 1978-1979
Skate, (USA) 1978-1979
Skat'n News, (USA) 1978-1982

SkateBoarder's ACTION NOW, (USA) 1980-1982
Skateboard (Kona Skatepark), (USA) 1980-1983
Thrasher, (USA) 1981-present
Transworld Skateboarding, (USA) 1983-present
PowerEdge, (USA) 1988-1991